Real Swiss

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I have been living in Switzerland since 2001 and I am coming from Milan, Italy.

This blog would like to be a collection of facts, curiosities, typical things of Switzerland, as subjective as possible, to tell you, my dear reader, stories about this nice country.

These posts are dedicated to all the foreigners living in Switzerland (and we are a lot!) and also, of course, to the real Swiss, the people who are every day our host.

Aim of these pages is to show every possible detail of Switzerland, to share common facts and typical experiences of foreigners living in the land of the 4 languages and the 26 dialects.

Have fun and thank you for any possible contribution!

3 thoughts on “Real Swiss

  1. I have million things which I don’t understand or can’t accept here in Switzerland! I wish we can list one by one and discuss from now on! I’d like to know and aware that I’m not the only one who is always upset. Let’s share 🙂

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  2. I guess every country has its share of irritants and things that count as great heritage. But for us, who have never ever visited Switzerland and probably never will, the name Switzerland conjures beautiful images of the majestic Alps, green undulating plains like your feature image, blues skies dotted with white, naughty clouds, peace-loving people, and of course, the delicious taste of Swiss chocolates…


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