Paper recycling: the smart way

As promised, I will talk a little more about paper recycling. There is a very simple recipe to avoid becoming exhausted the day before the paper collection.
The most of you probably already know. It’s as easy as Aspirine is good to heal a cold.

1. Go to your storage place, where all possible pieces of paper and cardboard are parked.
2. Pick up everything and throw it all in the trunk of your car.
3. Take a deep breath: tons of used paper are going to be finally apart from you!
4. Drive, and here it’s the top ingredient, to one of the collection points you can find under this link:

In this collection point you will find multiple possibilities to get rid of all your paper! Without any need for binding your used paper with any sort of string. And without paying anything. Just weight the paper, and throw it into giant containers.

Of course some precision is still required: paper goes into the right container, cardboard goes into the left container. As the duly guardian will tell you. Just last detail: you need to become proud member of “brings!”, paying a small yearly fee and getting a card, to be shown every time you throw, sorry, you recycle something.

Did you realise? The name of these collection points, these oases in the Swiss garbage desert, is really containing the exclamation mark! Not just “brings”, but even “brings!” As if to say: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally a place where I can get rid of my paper without getting damned in packing it before!

Maybe we will see another time, my dear foreign reader: “brings!” gives basically the possibility to recycle everything, sometimes for free, sometimes paying a fee, depending on the materials.

If you already knew “brings!”, you will probably agree with me, if not, do not worry, they won’t increase the prices of the yearly card due to my advertisement. Unfortunately they do not know my blog. Actually if you bring something to “brings!”, eventually inform them of this post. Normally the guardians there are quite friendly and talkative…

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