Bicycles in Switzerland are almost everywhere. On the bicycle lanes, on the main roads, on the country roads.
If you like them, it’s like paradise, if you don’t, it’s like the beginning of hell.
The density of bicycle shops is quite high. Every significant village has its own cycling shop: the prices to repair or revamp a bicycle are comparable to the ones you would need to give the same treatment to an oldie historical car. Or maybe was my bicycle too old, so that they gave it such a delicate “financial” treatment? Switzerland is positioned at the 8th place in the special ranking of bicycle per capita, i. e. 49% (see for details of this very specific subject).

In Switzerland wherever you find a car park, you will also have a special rack to substain and park your bicycle.

Everyone is so fond of his/her “two wheels vehicle” that someone sometimes even dares to drive a kind of monster modified in such a way to become difficult to see it still like a bicycle. The driver is almost lying on the floor, sitting at the road level on a chair more similar to the one of a kart rather than of a bicycle. In this position the driver has to pedal. Some more adventurous models are pimped in such a way that the poor human being has to move the pedals by hands.
With this strange bike configuration, the bikers need a small flag to indicate their (annoying) presence to the other vehicles. The same concept as the ballons the divers use in the sea…

The real Swiss goes everywhere by bicycle, with any weather. If it’s raining or snowing or storming, special weatherproof garments allow the ride by bicycle. Thanks to the special clothes, the Swiss will emerge from the weatherproof uniform as dry as James Bond when coming out from a swimsuit wearing his perfect dinner suit.

With such a bicycle culture a lot of Swiss employees participate in the initiave “bike to work”: a kind of team competition to stimulate the people to go to work by bike (

Summarizing, the bicycle-type Swiss is carrying his precious device basically everywhere and is dying to show it to as many people as possible.
He/she is carrying the bicycle by hand on the pedestrian crossing (otherwise the cars are allowed not to stop), on the train (even folding it, if needed), through the crowd in the stations!

Would it not be easier and similarly healthy to ride an exercise bike in your own living room?

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