Grass cutting

It’s the end of August: time to cut the grass and the lawn again, after the tons of water fallen with the rain in the last weeks!
Nothing special, you are thinking, my interested Reader.

But in Switzerland this operation has reached unforeseeable levels!
Especially on the angled green surfaces, which are typically located next to a main “Landstrasse”.
These surfaces are not flat, but have an angle and so it would not be “office” comfortable for the man in charge of trimming the grass there.

Therefore in the land of the 26 cantons brash tracks equipped with a mechanic arm not so different from the one of Terminator are useful for this task. They are parked on the Landstrasse (normally blocking the most of its two lanes) and the mechanic arm, with a lawn cutter at its end, is trimming the lawn on the inclined surface.

Miracle of the modern technology, raise of the machines! Great joy for all the people in a vehicle happening to be in a range of 10 km from this automatic grass cutting machine…

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