Photo source: AP, taken from “Corriere della Sera”


Do you remember the video game series of the 80’s named “Donkey Kong”? That was great but this is not what I mean in this post!

I will speak of…animals.

In Switzerland you can find some typical animals, which are not always so easy to meet in a traditional industrial environment. Apart from the zoo, of course.

In the Swiss Confederation, you can very often see cows and sheep next to the roads, quietly having their grassy meal, you can even have your street crossed by a fox, especially in the night. You can be very close to any sort of duck, swan, seagull even with their small children. You can admire the powerful flying of falcons and hawks over the fields. You can be lucky to see some squirrels quickly and busily running to the next tree.

But in Switzerland we have also this: donkey inspecting an open sewer cover! This is what happened last Sunday near Basel, when a donkey apparently (!?) fell into an open sewer cover. According to the commuter newspaper “20 Minutes”, he was found by a person strolling around and 12 action forces actually needed to be mobilized to save the donkey!

Poor donkey!
I wish he could have found an easier hobby…

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