Super Mario and Toad

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Super Mario and Toad are trademarks by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Some years ago, the water tap on the terrace suddenly broke and so, half in panic, I managed to close the central valve stopping the leakage.
The next day I called the plumber, who promptly came and fixed the problem.

So what? Are you for sure thinking…

In Switzerland Mr Plumber arrived at my place with a young trainee, who observed all the details and necessary skills needed to fix the matter. Of course he was also extremely helpful, passing all the needed screw wrenches, gaskets, tools to the “main” plumber.
Very nice system to properly execute a perfect “training on the job” for the young guy who would like to become a good plumber as a profession!

The bill was also quite “perfect”!
The time the two workers spent at my place to get my tap repaired was exquisitely multiplied by two (two workers!).

The price (with the exception of a slightly lower fare for the trainee) as well!

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