The extra long Swiss trumpet

Alphorn in ZH
A respectable blog about Switzerland should deal with the “Alphorn” (Alpine horn), one of the most famous symbol of the Confederation, at least once.

But this would be obvious and there are for sure already tons of blogs mentioning this national instrument and describing it much better than I could possibly do.

Therefore I am not going into details of this weird musical instrument which looks like a long elephant nose and produce typical sounds which get their better definition within the Swiss mountains.

I was just surprised and amazed one Sunday at the beginning of October when I saw a group of people (men and women in black!) arriving at Zurich lake with their presumptuous covers containing the famous pipes…they prepared their instruments and they started playing!

Very lucky! I could get this free concert without climbing any mountain, or walking through complicate paths, but just sitting next to the quiet water of the lake under a warm sun.

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