Basics of economy of scale

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Don’t worry! I know: the title can sound quite professional and deep, but I am neither able nor willing to give you a lesson of economics here.

Just to present you another amazing characteristics of Switzerland! Deeply eradicated in the Confederation culture.

You go to the supermarket: if you buy a package of 6 mineral water bottles, its price is just the price of one bottle times six (unless there is some other special, but rare, discount).
You go to the station: if you buy 6 normal commuter train tickets, the price is just the price of one commuter ticket times six.
And so on.

Normally, as the economy of scale teaches us, if you buy a certain quantity of a defined product, you can get that product at a cheaper price.
This is the convenience of buying bigger stuff packages or carnet train tickets!
But in Switzerland normally (OK, there are some rare “exceptions”…) not.

Why this? Again I don’t know. Another mistery in the land of the Alps, chocolate, watches and banks.
But I try to make some thoughts on that.
The contrary of economy of scale is diseconomy of scale, of course, causing production of goods and services at higher costs per unit.

But what is actually the problem of not decreasing prices if dealing with big amounts of products?
They are basic services/goods…so people will go on buying them in any case! This is the thought behind…maybe.

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