A slice of what I call pizza

A nice round, crispy (where it needs to be) and soft (where it needs to be) wonderful pizza!

Stop! This can only be served in Italy!
No matter how Italian is the restaurant here in Switzerland…but the level of their pizza will never be as the one in Italy!

Even with a proper oven, the pizza here is totally disappointing.
And the quality-price ratio is absurd!
Look at the photo. That is the price list proudly shown on the window of a pizzeria in the city centre in Milan!

The same in Switzerland would be at list doubled.
A 5 Euro Margherita in Milan is something like minimum 10-12 Sfr in Switzerland!

And the quality!
Here in the Confederation, the pizza (let’s take the simplest and most classical one: Margherita, i.e. Tomato, mozzarella, basil) is always covered by a kind of uniform layer of “rubber/plastic” mixture which is supposed to be the melted mozzarella. This layer is normally well lubricated by a generous quantity of oil (olive oil? Mmmh…doubtful!)
The result is a heavy part which makes the whole pizza too difficult to finish!
The crispy border is often also too chewy and flexible, making the pizza look like a kind of sling!

Why all this?
I do not know exactly! But probably the ingredients are not supreme, the ways of preparing and cooking this delicious piece of art are just scholastic and the training on the job (so important here in each Canton for each occupation!) is not really helpful!

And probably all the “pizzaioli” (pizza bakers) in any Swiss “pizzaland” rely on the fact that no one ever tasted a real amazing pizza actually MADE IN ITALY!
Nothing to do with the circular reddish-orange, rubbery, pale bordered “Sw-izza“!

One thought on “A slice of what I call pizza

  1. At least you don’t have the ham and pineapple pizza like we have in London….thanks to those Americans!


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