Today it’s…his name!

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Recently I found out that I have a colleague whose surname is Freitag, which means Friday in English. In Switzerland, by the way, there is also a famous brand Freitag…the bags made of the recycled coloured plastic from some covers of trucks. Friday was also the name of the famous man met by Robinson Crusoe on the lonely island.

Friday…Freitag…a name, a day of the week. The only day of the week which can become a name!

Probably because every name should communicate joy, happiness…and Friday it’s really such a case! On Fridays, all the espectations for the weekend are at their maximum. The joy for the coming weekend!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…days which have hard time to become a name. Days which are just remaining on the calendar, and never live in a real person!

Which day is today? Today? It’s Mr Franz…Sorry, today it’s Friday…Freitag in the high German speaking Confederation…Friitig in the Swiss German speaking Confederation.

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