Welcome present

2014-11-23 16.13.55
Last year, shortly after moving in the new house, we precisely got our “gift” from the State!

A package (actually even 4 packages: one for each member of our family!) of iodine tablets.

Iodine is the typical Swiss welcome present? Yes, of course. If you live within a certain distance from one of the nuclear power plants existing in the Confederation, you get this medicine for free! I would have preferred a piece of cake, but this preventive measure is for sure very positive and gives a good image of the nuclear energy, unfortunately nowadays more and more criticized. Prevention is everything, starting from these small gestures.

What would you have preferred as welcome present?

The same package of iodine, a piece of cake, some Swiss chocolates or an Aspirine?

One thought on “Welcome present

  1. A proposito del dono di capsule di iodio, forse anche un dosimetro da controllare periodicamente sarebbe utile. Grazie dei complimenti per i miei hobby. E complimenti per il tuo blog: originale! Abbracci.


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