Sweaty bus

Bus_Kaiserstuhl_aIn Switzerland the temperature is still pretty hot in these days: well above 30°C!
I was yesterday on the usual bus to work, the post bus (so-called “postauto”) 354, line Baden-Kaiserstuhl.
Kaiserstuhl, a small village whose name could proudly be translated as “the chair, the throne of the emperor”!

Bus 354 has a particular…defect. No air conditioning (as in all countries above the Alps, also Switzerland is very stingy with air conditioning on the public transportation and in the houses) and only the smallest upper part of the windows can be tilted and opened!

It is well known that when the ambient temperature is around 30°C, the temperature inside a closed vehicle under the sun can even raise to 70-80°C!

That’s why in the bus everyone was sweating like a pig and panting for air like a fish outside of the water…but the nice yellow postauto was running among the hills as if a comfortably warm day were going on outside there!

In such a case the “Kaiserstuhl” written on the front of the bus seemed quite an emperor’s stool rather than his…throne!

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