Summer tyres, winter tyres and…shoes

2015-06-28 12.21.57 HDR
Some weeks ago I parked the car and I was ready to have a walk with my two daughters.
Suddenly I saw a weird thing next to a car parked not so far from mine.
The car had some shoes outside it!
This can only happen in Switzerland…in many other countries a pair of “unattended” shoes would not resist so long alone!

I leave you the choice to guess what might have happened:
a) The car driver was tired and took out his shoes to have a barefoot walk
b) The shoes run away from some house and tried to find another home inside a car
c) The invisible man was just standing there and I just did not realise it!
d) They suddenly invented a mid-season kind of car tyres which look incredibly similar to human shoes!

Switzerland: the wonderful country of chocolate, luxury watches, banks and…misterious shoes!

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