New look!

2015-04-12 14.54.18 HDR

This post is a little narcissistic, please forgive me.

But I just would like to “celebrate” the new header image of my blog! Until now I was relying on the default image…very lazy!

But here it is! A green (how could it be different in Switzerland?) landscape from the small village where I live, Ehrendingen. With an undefined path heading for the…green again. This is Switzerland, this is Ehrendingen. Such a small, but such a big village too: some years ago there were two Ehrendingen’s: “low” Ehrendingen – (Unterehrendingen) and “high” Ehrendingen (Oberehrendingen).

Since the 1st January 2006: the unification again (as it apparently was in the past) to have a single Ehrendingen!

To have a real….metropolitan countryside village!

One thought on “New look!

  1. Ehrendinghen , even it is a small village in a beautiful Swiss landscape,as described, it is very well
    connected by public busses (3 lines) to Baden (5 min.) . From here by train to Zurich (15 min.) and Basel (45 min.). Your own car takes 3 minutes to Baden and Wettingen and 20 minutes to Zurich.
    Besides this small and nice village is fully equipped by any services including Post, Banks, Supermarket
    Kinderheim, low and medium school and poly-Surgery etc.
    Eherendingen is an oasis that grow up evermore with great attention to landscape and life of the people

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