Ehrendingen…Fossils in the roundabout

2015-10-26 08.13.51

2015-10-26 08.13.58 HDR

2015-10-26 08.14.42

2015-10-26 08.14.34 HDR

Why fossil “statues”?

This is the first (!) double roundabout (two roundabouts one after the other) of Canton Argovia in Switzerland, inaugurated in 2008.
The artistic decorations were done by two local artists, who were given the task to create shapes representing the village of Ehrendingen (Tiefenwaag quarter).

The sculptors referred to the special geology of this area.
At the south-east border of the former cement quarry the formation of dogger stones was observed.
In the sandy limestone and marl of the young dogger stones the following fossils could be found: mussels, brachiopods and even ammonites!

(Many thanks for the information to the “Ehrendinger Runde, Kreisel Tiefenwaag”).

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