Swiss doctors or…call centres?



Swiss doctors have a strange way to operate…

When you go to a doctor for a visit, it is likely that he prescribes you some further exams, like blood tests, lab exams and so on. Until now, nothing weird. But here the procedure starts going towards a weird direction for the…impatient patient waiting for the test results. Doctor: “I will let you know IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG (otherwise I will not come back to you). Good bye and take care”.


Are the results of my exams, important or even decisive for my health, like the outcome of a job application or the decision about a possible further interview?”.

I have to desperately wait for my (bloody) blood test results, waiting for a phone call by the doctor? I shall hope he doesn’t call back, meaning the exams are negative? What about if he dialed the wrong phone number, or he forgot to call me back, or I couldn’t answer the call?

That’s why, in these cases, I always organise another appointment with the doctor (paying, of course), maybe just for listening “Everything was fine…you shouldn’t even need to come”…

But although in the Confederation everything is supposed to run smoothly and in an organised way, better not to rely too match on some too soft “procedures” if your health is involved.

In Switzerland instead of saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, they seem to apply the “No phone call for the day keeps the doctor away”!

One thought on “Swiss doctors or…call centres?

  1. Yes ! It’s true. The Doctors must always give the printed values of the exams.. So in fact the values
    can be compared to past tests and analysis, otherwise it should be impossible to evaluate the situation.
    The values of the tests may speak and reveal any tendecy, if any, or they can give the confirmation that nothing is changed.
    This attitude of the Swiss Doctors is strange and uncommon in all other Countries.

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