One, Two, Buckle My Shoe…Nine, ten, A big fat hen

2015-11-27 08.11.55

These are the first and the last verses of a popular English language nursery rhyme.
(Having small kids at home I am often bombarded by this music so that I now know it even better than the Italian national anthem!)
But this is not the matter of this post.

Some days ago I was completing some very early morning shopping when I saw a curious pedestrian in the parking place where I stopped my car.
Pedestrian? Yes, it had two legs, two feet, and it was quite fat.

Walking in the middle of the outdoor parking, a big fat black hen was strolling around with curious eyes and calm attitude.
It was exactly like a person on a day off from work, going around at breakfast time, ready to hop into a nice warm bar, get a coffee, read the main news on the daily fresh newspaper and continuing the pleasant walk in the quiet relaxed morning!

Ah, nice life the one of the black hen in the parking…and probably even funny!
Especially if you think that she suddenly saw a hurrying man, almost sweaty despite the cold weather, rushing towards his car with a supermarket cart full of 11 (yes, it’s not a clerical error: eleven!) packages of 6 mineral water bottles each.
By the way: that man was me!

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