Straight like a Swiss!

2015-11-14 16.32.25

Some weeks ago I was with my family and another friend family in a park in Wettingen.
As in every nice playground in the Confederation, there were a lot of amenities for children: slide, swings, installations allowing kids to climb on wooden structures, nets, and so on.
And then, very common…it! The rocking device where two children shall sit on opposite sides and, helping themselves with their feet, try to go up and down alternatively.
This kind of amusement, when not used, is normally lying with one end touching the floor and the other up. It is quite normal…the device is never so well balance to stay still and perfectly horizontal.

Never? Maybe everywhere else but in Switzerland.
As you can see in the picture, this rocking device was perfectly balanced and totally horizontal without persons on it. Like an aerial mechanical creature! Perfect like a professional spirit level!
Swiss precision? Yes, of course, as expected.

But this precision is often perfect in such…let’s say not so decisive cases.
Unfortunately not always so perfect in many other important cases!

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