The “foldable” lamp post

2015-12-02 13.04.41_a

What can you usually fold in a normal world?

Many things, of course.
… A letter, to put it inside an envelope
… Trousers, to pack them in your suitcase
… A piece of paper, to create an origami
… Your arms, to get a comfortable position
… A bicycle, if it is a special one
… Money, to get them better into your wallet
… Towels, to set them into a board
… A dining table, to save some space in your kitchen
… Chairs, to stack them next to a wall
… A shopping bag, to save space
… A flag, when not flying with the wind.

And…and…and…(but only in the Confederation!)…

Lamp posts!
Yes, this is what I observed yesterday during my lunch break.
A worker was folding a lamp post just to clean the lamp and do some maintenance!
Easy and smart! And much safer than doing maintenance at many metres above the ground.

OK, now it’s late and I go and fold my laptop.

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