Schneisingen… Bucher in the roundabout

2016-08-12 12.47.37

The newly redesigned roundabout in Schneisingen is modelled on the main big Company located in this area (actually in the neighbouring community of Niederweningen)… just next to this roundabout.
The metal “rusted” plates represent the three companies of the Bucher Industries Group which have their headquartes in Niederweningen:
– Bucher Unipektin (the press visible in the picture): Company producing machines and plants for the fabrication of fruit juice and instant food products;
– Bucher Municipal: Company producing street sweepers;
– Bucher Landtechnik: Company selling tractors of leading brands in Switzerland.

If you are interested in these companies (but here the matter becomes really technical), the relevant websites are listed below:

It is nice to have a big Company “forged” (as the metal plates of the roundabout) in the local landscape…

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