Sometimes it happens, even in Switzerland!

Living in the countryside and working in the countryside, my very short trip home-office by bus is my window on Swiss daily routine.
On Swiss buses, when you get a seat, you will never let it go! Why? I do not know.
Even if you see an old person standing next to you, even if carrying heavy bags, or a pregnant woman clearly tired, or a mother with three small kids trying to run the hell away from her… you will continue to sit trying to pretend you do not see anything around you.

That’s why what happened to me last week was really…something.
As soon as I got on the bus after work, a small boy looked at me and politely asked me whether I wanted to sit at his place. I denied, but I was very positively astonished by his behaviour!

Since then I am going on asking myself whether I was looking so terrible after a working day (a Swiss working day!) to evoke the “mercy” of that kid!
By the way, the boy looked exactly as Macaulay Culkin in the movie “Home Alone”!
… or was it all maybe just a fairy tale?

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