Nussbaumen… Carnival at the roundabout

Yesterday I was driving through Nussbaumen (Gemeinde – community of – Obersiggenthal) and I noticed again its main roundabout.
We can define it as a “seasonal” or “multi-purpose” roundabout.

Thanks to the various poles, depending on the season or on some particular event, the roundabout can be “made up” with suitable flags or decoration.
Now we are approaching the Carnival time… or, as they say here, “Fasnacht”.
And that’s why the area is now full of flags showing a funny character with fake nose, laughable hat and pretending to dance.

Welcome in Nussbaumen, a town with more than 30% foreigners, where you immediately see when it’s Carnival time!

3 thoughts on “Nussbaumen… Carnival at the roundabout

  1. I know this roundabout!!!! My husband and I used to fly from Gatwick and land at Zurich Airport three times a year to spend many happy weeks with our lovely English friend who lived in Nussbaumen…our taxi would reach the roundabout and drive up and up and up to Hombergsteig, where our friend lived. He would be so happy to greet us and we’d be over-the-moon ti have arrived, once more, at his beautiful home on the hill overlooking Nussbaumen and ‘The Co-op’, where we walked down the steep slopes to buy our groceries and food for our stay. Such happy and memorable times we spent in Hombergsteig and will treasure those times forever.

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