Open air bookcase!

Last weekend I noticed this “pearl” in Baden.
An open bookcase! Just next to the nice Casino park in the city centre!
A sign on it explains everything: very simple “rules”!

The open bookcase in Baden: a gratis offer for your leisure time.
– Bring books, which you find good.
– The books shall be in good shape and clean.
– The bookcase will not accept: pornography, racism, promotion of violence, advertisement, newspapers.
– Undesired: magazines, specialised literature.
– Put books in the bookcase, only if there is space.
– Pick up a book (or two).
– Gratis, without registration or additional controls.
– You can keep the book, bring it back or exchange it with another one.

After some “research” I found out that the bookcase was even inaugurated on the 19th October 2016!
Good that I discovered it, at last!

I think it’s a great initiative! Always open, no need to rush to find a bookshop open in the late afternoon!
One of the best example of open culture… open innovation!

One thought on “Open air bookcase!

  1. I’s fantastic ! I am sure that this community action is possible in Switzerland and in the North Europe Countries only.
    In Italy, in Milan for instance , if you place a bookcase like that in Baden in five minutes it will disappear. Or someone with a truck will totally remove the bookcase with all the books inside, or very rapidly someone else will remove the books and few minutes later sombody else will organize the dismounting of the bookscase and the relevant collection with a small truck.
    I’s sad to be said but such social implementation, as the bookcase, may succeed in the Countries where the people have already a minimum compliance with laws and civil sense of living.
    M.G. Cinisello


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