A deer and multiple colours while going to the office

During my walk through the “wilderness” to go to the office, today I met something very unusual, even for Switzerland! Just next to the street.
First a young deer, sitting next to the main road… thinking, resting or maybe terrified because alone.
After that, nice and brilliant “stripes” of colours in front of my eyes: grey, white, green, yellow, brown.

Just some impressions on the way to the office… nature and forest before work.

4 thoughts on “A deer and multiple colours while going to the office

  1. The gold field is so beautiful. And the deer- I see them almost daily in my back yard. The saying here is if you see one you will see another because they travel in pairs ( especially if one jumps in the road be careful, another one will be coming). So I am surprised to see one alone too in your photo!

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      • You know, I looked in the photo! But I think the deer was alone, a young fellow, and he did look – uncertain. I was interested because we have so many deer where I live (the suburbs of Philadelphia, yes) and some practically residents of our street…


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