The snow has arrived!

Switzerland is probably not a country which inspires poetry, romanticism or rhymes.
But when the real winter arrives and the snow is falling, even in the grey Confederation, some inspiration can come…

Steps on the white,
arms to the night,
going there,
hoping that,
everything silent,
light, dark, white, black.
Wait for the moon…
It’s already the sun!

OK, I know. It’s probably much better to look outside of the window and just keep quiet, enjoying the silent fall of the snow and the white landscape!

One thought on “The snow has arrived!

  1. The SNOW, able to melt the spirits and source of inspiration! Paradoxical but true!!!
    In a context now in constant evolution may the poets continue to transmit through their verses the nobility of mind and sensitivity that only those who have the SUN inside are able to transmit.

    Dear Poets (Swiss and not) to you the merit of making us the beauties of this world more amazing even when the snow has already gone!!!

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