The best Swiss specialty!

Photos: On the way to Livigno (IT) from Switzerland. Queue for the train with car loading (Vereina) plus queue before the tunnel (Munt La Schera) afterwards. Total waiting time: 7 hours! Unbelievable in a civil country!

What is Switzerland famous for?

Banks, chocolate, watches, mountains, rösti, heidi and…. RED TRAFFIC LIGHTS AND QUEUES!

Traffic regulation belongs to Switzerland as human life to Saturn! Absolute zero!

3 thoughts on “The best Swiss specialty!

  1. To dat you claum for the queues you met on the road from Davos to Livigno .
    You are right 7 hours are to much! Neverteless don’t forget that Livigno is so badly located that you may meet same problems coming from the italian side .
    At this point what do you say about the 12 kms of cars and trucks stopped between Chiusa and Vipiteno along the autostrada of Brenner Pass since Friday morning .
    Therefore don’t say that Queues are a Swiss speciality !!!!


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