Japan postponed the Olympic Games but in Argovia…

Photo from http://www.20minuten.ch, taken from Twitter account “Silentium”.

… they could not postpone the 50th anniversary celebration of the biggest shopping centre of Switzerland (“Shoppi Tivoli”) in Spreitenbach (AG)!

Considering that Switzerland has had one of the steepest increase rate of Coronavirus infection for the last two weeks and that the situation seems out of control, this occurrence is a shame for Argovia and Switzerland itself!

PS: The photo above is not relevant to a Black Friday in the US some years ago, but is showing the situation in the mentioned shopping centre! All what should never happen in these times: A lot of people without mask, no distance, too many people! The CEO of Shoppi Tivoli, with a typical arrogant and I-know-the-best attitude, before this unnecessary event started, as reply to some already starting critics, had dared to declare “No reason to become nervous”.


Probably the famous self discipline of the population remained home to sleep on this Saturday…

… and probably the mentioned CEO himself is becoming quite nervous now!

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