Bring one… pick up one… to forget Covid-19

Last week I was passing by the “Gemeindehaus” (Parish hall) of the village where I live, when I noticed such installation of drawers!

(How many times I already saw it without getting it?)

I went closer and I finally understood: the small drawers are a real free bookstore! Each mini drawer contains a book and its color indicates the book subject. You can choose among various themes: Bestsellers, thrillers, biographies, etc…

This is a great initiative organised by the cultural department of the village. You pick up a book, bringing and leaving there another book of yours!

Covid-times? Ok, the picked up book can be always thoroughly disinfected, can’t it?

One thought on “Bring one… pick up one… to forget Covid-19

  1. I read this with great interest. Here in the US we have the Little Free Library – – and in my area I can think of ten or more of these little libraries. There are three on the trail where I walk most often (the trail is 5 miles long, one library is maintained by the park ranger’s wife and is next to their house, two of them were projects of a local student and are near the parking lots). I see them in front of houses, at business sites (one is next to my dentist’s office and another at a local florist). I have taken books from them and have left books. So I am so happy to this this little free library that you have. And long may it pass on the love of reading through free books!

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