Japan postponed the Olympic Games but in Argovia… / 2

Do you know what happened to the mentioned CEO of the shopping centre “Shoppi Tivoli” after he authorised the 50th anniversary party with a lot of people too near to each other and often without masks?

Think… The precise Switzerland…

Think… The rigid and respectful Switzerland…

Think… The healthy Switzerland…

Think… The balanced Switzerland…

Think… The practical Switzerland, where you pay a fine if you park your car ten seconds more than the allowed time…

Think… The right Switzerland, where you can throw the used glass bottles only in special times…




NOTHING! That CEO got neither a fine, nor he was arrested. He just has to adjust and submit again his safety concept for the nice shopping centre to the authorities!

Scandalous, isn’t it?

But it is not finished.

He even had the gut to proclaim his satisfaction for shrinking away with no financial consequence! Unbelievable!

Switzerland… full wallet but empty soul!

Japan postponed the Olympic Games but in Argovia…

Photo from http://www.20minuten.ch, taken from Twitter account “Silentium”.

… they could not postpone the 50th anniversary celebration of the biggest shopping centre of Switzerland (“Shoppi Tivoli”) in Spreitenbach (AG)!

Considering that Switzerland has had one of the steepest increase rate of Coronavirus infection for the last two weeks and that the situation seems out of control, this occurrence is a shame for Argovia and Switzerland itself!

PS: The photo above is not relevant to a Black Friday in the US some years ago, but is showing the situation in the mentioned shopping centre! All what should never happen in these times: A lot of people without mask, no distance, too many people! The CEO of Shoppi Tivoli, with a typical arrogant and I-know-the-best attitude, before this unnecessary event started, as reply to some already starting critics, had dared to declare “No reason to become nervous”.


Probably the famous self discipline of the population remained home to sleep on this Saturday…

… and probably the mentioned CEO himself is becoming quite nervous now!

Opening times

The main three and “historical” supermarkets of Switzerland are for sure Coop, Migros and Denner. Nowadays Aldi and Lidl are expanding quickly and fighting with the three “old” ones!
In the Confederation there is a curious specialty. Shops (of course led by supermarkets) open on Saturdays slightly earlier than during the week and eventually close also earlier. If this is logical, considering the need for sleep of a normal working person… I leave to your judgement.

Now, during one of my expeditions to the Swiss expensive shopping world, I noticed the strange sign of the photo. It took me many minutes to read it, re-read it… and accept its weirdness! Is it really so?
I was surprised and even amazed by the emphasis used to underline the fact that that specific Denner has an opening time on Saturday which is… exactly the same as every other day of the week!
Thanks to remind me this! Otherwise I might have risked to confuse the weekend with a normal weekly day!

Swiss… “market” in Singapore

I was quite surprised as I found more than one “Marché Mövenpick” in some shopping malls even in Singapore!

Every shopping mall in Singapore is hosting a great variety of restaurants with different styles and food from various regions and countries of the world.

Switzerland seems to be represented by Marché! In Singapore they probably consider it as the pure Swissness, the “non-plus-ultra” of the Confederate cuisine! But they do not know that Marché, in its home country, is actually nothing more than a normal self-service / buffet diner, you can typically find in service areas on many Swiss highways!

Toblerone… better buy it in Singapore!


The famous bar of Swiss chocolate, resembling its mountains with its unique triangular shape, is an institution in Switzerland.

It is for sure one of the most famous brands of the Confederation!

Very good! Then I should be able to buy it at the best possible conditions in a Swiss supermarket or specialised shop.

Wrong! Coop, one of the three most common Swiss supermarkets, sells a 100 g Toblerone bar for 2.20 CHF.

While wandering around in Vivo City, one of the most futuristic shopping malls in Singapore (Singapore! One of the most expensive countries in the world… and not just around the corner of the Alps!), I found a great deal!

Basically, in the nice Southeast-Asian country, 100 g of Toblerone were offered at a price of 2 Singaporean dollars, which corresponds to 1.45 CHF! One third cheaper than in the Chocolate Confederation!!

What is it? Is Toblerone a fading commodity nowadays, or do their producers prefer that it is bought far away from the Alps being confused as a souvenir and a specialty from another country?

Easy language school

 Do you know what? In Switzerland you can get free language lessons at your own pace and almost wherever you want!

Just go to any supermarket, drugstore or pharmacy…and that’s it! While buying your stuff, or even later at home, you can learn German.

All packages have brands, instructions, ingredients written at least in two or three languages (German, French and Italian). Read all the details of the packages every time you are shopping and you will be able to master the languages they speak in Switzerland!

Easy, right? The best language schools of the Confederation are the supermarkets…I do not dare to guess which are the worst language schools here in Switzerland!