(S)watch… service

Last Saturday, while in Zurich, I entered a Swatch shop to get a new battery for my Swatch.
The nice young woman at the counter took a giant screw driver, a kind of portable knife and started the “open heart” operation to my (S)watch.
Everything was successfully completed: battery changed in just few seconds.

So fast that I had some difficulties in getting my wallet from my pocket.
In such delay I was trying to extract the credit card when the young woman assured me with a smile and proudly stated: “The new battery and its substitution are free: it is a service of Swatch!”

Amazing! Great service from the famous Swiss innovative watch company!
In these days the glorious historical plastic watch is probably suffering the competition with the newest interactive watches…
But the Swatch service is for sure excellent and clearly worthy of one of the best real Swiss watch!