After work, a walk in the village to see the cold nice sunset…

I was hoping to find a lot of corncobs on the field, but they had already been harvested.

Tropical dream in Switzerland

2015-06-20 15.06.32
2015-06-20 15.09.41
2015-06-20 15.18.14
2015-06-20 15.05.32

Last Saturday I went to a big plant and garden center, one of the best near where I live (
I just needed to buy an insecticide for some disturbing insects which are destroying the maple installed on my terrace.
So my mood was quite bad: I had to start a biological war against vicious enemies landed on my terrace.
But immediately, like a dream in a grey day (it way actually a cloudy grey day!) something unexpected happened: the woman at the shop told me they had an unusual exhibition!
The “butterfly paradise”!

In one of their greenhouses, they recreated a tropical environment and filled it with tens of wonderful colored butterflies!
You could just walk in a space filled with light, enchanting flying patches of colors!

This was really the ideal escape from a Swiss day…rush in a tropical forest!
Away from the square Swiss reality…inside the roundness color of tropical life!

If you live in Switzerland, check out the link above!
If you live some km away…just have a look at my photos.
If you “have a grey day”…look for some colors to make it brighter!

Switzerland, after all, is not only a quiet home for more than 20% foreign people, but also a wildlife scenery for some % of foreign butterflies.