Liquid water droplets suspended in the air

2015-11-05 08.21.42 HDR
2015-11-05 08.25.33
2015-11-05 08.28.14

Today I walked to my office…
You are probably thinking: “What’s the matter?”, “What’s so special?”.
Normally I take the bus. But this is also not so special.

The following is the special.

I normally like cities, like walking in big cities, observing all what flows under your eyes when you are in a big city.
But today I particularly appreciated the walk in the…nothing, the walk inside and through a thick fog.
Everything was blur, the colours were quite pale and I could not see too far!

In these cases, your mind has better eyes than your head.
You cannot see shining shops, or crowds of people strolling around, or rivers of cars riding everywhere.
Just silence and fog. Like you see in some of the best fantasy movies.

Fog…like a curtain dumping any noise which might disturb you.
And your mind goes on and can see and imagine things that even a big city could never offer you.

Fog…Swiss fog…Schwiizer Nebel…a good ingredient to have fantastic dreams…even in the morning…

4 thoughts on “Liquid water droplets suspended in the air

    • Hi Sophie,
      thank you very much!
      I was just lucky to be there (unfortunately on the way to the office!) at the right time (unfortunately early in the morning!)…


  1. ” Fog and Silence ” so thick and soft are good ingredient to have fantastic dreams.
    Well if the World or part of it, could be suddenly wrapped up by them for a long time ,
    perhaps peace could come back in this world full of pains and deaths.

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