About me: A Foreigner in Switzerland

I have been living in Switzerland since 2001.
Coming from Milan, Italy, I am a foreigner in Switzerland.

We, Italians from Italy, normally think of Switzerland as a kind of “mythological” country, where everything is clean, perfectly functioning, all the trains are dramatically on time, the sky is more blue than in other locations, the sun is always shining happily and all the people are polite, nice and never shout.

This blog is just collecting facts, examples of daily life, curiosities, surprising realities which you can find in Switzerland. Let’s say…”Swissinities”.

My aim is to give more relevance to written words rather than to pictures, videos, photos. I know that I may appear old-fashioned. But, although I love photographing, my challenge is to give good pictures of Swissinities without using any (or too many) photos.

Everything, of course, as subjective as possible.

Then it’s up to you, my dear Reader, to decide which country is the real Switzerland and which kind of foreigner you are…

4 thoughts on “About me: A Foreigner in Switzerland

  1. Dear Andrea,
    I am pleased to comment on your blogs. This is my humble contribution. Please consider it as a message of good wishes for your endeavour.

    “My name is Davide Castiglia. I have been living in Switzerland from 2001 until 2008. I started working for Alstom Power (Baden, Zurich) as Project Engineer and I left Alstom while covering the position as Head of Quality Management. I crossed the Italian border (Como-Chiasso) in 2001 driving my first second hand car, a black Ford Fiesta. “ROMA” was written on its number plate.

    My brother Domenico was accompanying me. The car was bulging with luggage, bags, food and books. Late at night, after 11 hours driving, we finally arrived at destination, Nussbaumen b. Baden (Aargau).

    We unloaded the car and started carrying the luggage upstairs, 2nd floor, last door at the end of the terrace. I read the name on the doorbell plate: Andrea Gebbia. That was my first accommodation, the host was a Milanese young man whom I had never met before.

    All started there, and it is still continuing, Nussbaumen b. Baden”

    In friendship, Davide Castiglia – Roma 20-08-2014

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    • Thank you, Bentehaarstad!
      Yes, I think it’s importanto to see a country from every perspective. And even the same perspective, if seen from different angles, can look different…


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